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Landscaping Design

Let us help you create an outdoor landscape that aligns with your vision and lifestyle, blending our expertise with your unique sense of style. Our Austin, TX landscaping services put your needs and wants first, ensuring that your input and preferences are prioritized at every stage of the landscaping design.

From entertaining and family fun to sustainability and water conservation, the highly experienced team at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build can craft a space that does it all. Our designs aim to capture the unmatched spirit and creativity of Austin, giving you the ability to incorporate features such as walkways, trellises, water features, outdoor cooking and dining areas, and more.

Ultimately, our goal is to develop a landscaping design that will serve as a beautiful, practical backdrop to life’s everyday moments and memories – and bring your design dreams to life in the process.

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Garden Design

The right assortment of plants can bring your outdoor design to life, and Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is prepared to help you enjoy everything that a well-crafted garden can offer. Our knowledgeable team will make gardening in Austin simple by planning and implementing a gorgeous, thriving garden that stays true to your design vision.

There are virtually no limits to the possibilities: a collection of blooming fruit trees, raised beds overflowing with vegetables and herbs, gardens filled with fragrant flowers – your garden can be whatever you want it to be. Our Austin garden designers can combine your ideas and inspiration with their understanding of the Texas climate, sustainability, and more, resulting in a garden that truly flourishes.

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Deck Design | Installation

A deck can be the connecting point between your home and your outdoor space, extending your living area and linking it with the yard of your dreams. Waterloo Outdoor Design Build provides custom deck design and installation in Austin, tailoring our designs to fit your property, lifestyle, and style flawlessly.

We specialize in decks that go beyond cookie-cutter, focusing on infusing every one of our designs with unmatched quality, style, and long-term value. When you choose us for deck installation in Austin, a diverse range of options is put within easy reach, including multi-tiered and covered deck designs.

Using high-end materials and the industry’s most skilled professionals, Waterloo Outdoor Design Build will design and install a deck that elevates both the look and feel of your home.

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Outdoor Living Spaces

One of Austin’s defining characteristics is its wonderful weather and residents’ deep appreciation for the outdoors. So it only makes sense that stunning outdoor living spaces have become a staple of Austin life. Waterloo Outdoor Design Build takes great pride in designing outdoor living spaces that stand as an excellent representation of each client’s lifestyle, personality, and design preferences. Not only do our high-end designs help enhance the time you spend outdoors, but they can also contribute to your property’s value and long-term appeal.

Whether you’re hoping to give your existing outdoor area a facelift or you’re working with a completely blank canvas, our team will craft and execute a design that exceeds your every expectation. Modern outdoor living spaces make it possible to change the way you enjoy your yard, making it possible to cook, dine, relax, and play without ever going inside.

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Outdoor BBQ & Designs

In Texas, barbecuing isn’t just a way to cook – it’s a way of life. Upgrade your BBQ setup with an upscale design that includes all your must-have equipment, countertop and storage space, and plenty of style.

Waterloo Outdoor Design Build will work closely with you to produce a design that reflects your vision, considering a wide range of factors to ensure a successful final result. Whether your favorite mode of outdoor cooking is a smoker, charcoal grill, or a gas grill (or all three!), we’ll make sure that you have the ideal setup for preparing and enjoying delicious meals for years to come.

With help from Waterloo Outdoor Design Build, you can have an outdoor BBQ area that’s more than a place to make a meal; it’s a stylish, comfortable space where you’ll love spending your time.

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Outdoor Kitchens

There’s nothing quite like eating a wonderful meal outdoors, and an outdoor kitchen by Waterloo Outdoor Design Build can give you everything you need to cook and dine outside whenever you’d like. Make the most of your yard by bringing the comforts of home outdoors, taking advantage of the convenience of an outdoor kitchen equipped with a grill, refrigerator, and more.

Our talented Austin, TX landscaping services team takes a collaborative approach to making your dream outdoor kitchen design a reality. After assessing your existing space and discussing your goals for the space, we will work closely with you to create a design that checks all the right boxes.

Want to maximize your space with the addition of an outdoor dining area as well? Waterloo Outdoor Design Build has you covered.

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Patios | Pergolas

The best type of outdoor space is the one that you can enjoy as much as possible, and patios and pergolas are an ideal way to make your yard an all-weather space. With an outdoor structure such as an enclosed patio or pergola, you’ll have more opportunities to spend time outside – even when the weather is less than perfect.

On Austin’s warm days, a shaded pergola and outdoor fan will keep you comfortably cool, while a covered patio makes outdoor fun immune to rainy weather. Waterloo Outdoor Design Build designs and constructs custom patios and pergolas in Austin, creating a space that complements your existing yard and adds tremendous value.

Relying on our dedication to impeccable materials, skilled craftsman, and creative innovation, we provide luxury patio and pergola design/installation and patio remodeling throughout the Austin area.

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Water Features

Set your outdoor space apart with a custom-designed water feature created by Waterloo Outdoor Design Build. By enhancing the aesthetic, contributing a peaceful sense of serenity, and incorporating water-wise features, our customized water features elevate any outdoor space without sacrificing sustainability.

Each and every one of our water feature designs begins with a consultation at your property, so you can be confident that the final result will complement your space, never detract from it. Waterloo Outdoor Design Build has designed and constructed various water features in Austin, ranging from fountains and water gardens to reflecting pools and waterfalls.

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Designed for You

Do you already have the team to build and install your dream outdoor space but need professional design help to get started? Or perhaps you’re planning to take a DIY approach to your yard but want to stick to a smart, expertly-crafted plan for success. Thanks to our unique Austin landscape design solution, you can navigate the process in a way that works for you.

With the “Designed for You” services from Waterloo Outdoor Design Build, you can have the best of both worlds: the luxury of professional landscaping design and affordability. Our Austin, TX landscaping services team will help you create and finalize a landscaping design that you love, and then you’ll have the flexibility to bring those plans to fruition when and how you want.

Routine Landscape Maintenance

Waterloo Outdoor Design Build and Laguna Landscape and Construction have partnered together to offer Routine Landscape Maintenance.

Keep your dream outdoor space a reality and let us dedicate our professional services to keep your landscape beautifully manicured year round! Contact us today to schedule a free assessment of your property.

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