Our company is exclusively design + build. This means we guide you from the beginning of the planning/design phase and we install your project through the buildout phase. The buildout can include hardscapes, water features, terraces, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, fireplaces, lighting, irrigation and of course plants!

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We believe that a good plan is the foundation for a great project. In response to the City of Austin’s Stay Home Save Lives order we will be temporarily changing some of our practices. Fortunately we are well versed in technologies that will support an engaging, virtual design process. Our initial step is a consultation over the phone to discuss your project and determine the scope of work. We can discuss our process in more detail and find out what your project goals are. The designs we create are a collaboration of your vision, family interests and future plans for the space. Our specialization resides in integrating well-designed hardscapes with native and adapted plantings. This aim minimizes water usage and maintenance while creating a sustainable landscape that will flourish in our central Texas area.

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After our initial visit, you will receive a design contract and fee based on the scope of work. An average range for a master landscape plan design is $2,500-$15,000. The design process begins with an analysis of your site. With a plethora of technologies at our fingertips, our architectural designers and construction team will be able to examine (with a little help from you in some instances) existing trees, drainage, privacy considerations, terrain, and patterns of the sun to create a unique design. Design time takes about 2 – 3 weeks to develop the first outline of the Master Plan, and there are usually 1 – 2 iterations of design. During this time, we discuss the details and specific components of the plan, with multiple opportunities for collaboration. When the final design is agreed upon you will receive an estimate for the installation of your design. If you have an HOA application, we will be happy to walk you through the application and documentation process.


We have a $25K – $75K minimum for a phase I installation. We work with trusted gardeners, welders, masons, irrigation specialists, lighting specialists and carpenters to ensure that your project is executed with care, thought and an artful eye.

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