Outdoor Living Spaces & Technology

Thanks to modern technology, outdoor design is getting a serious upgrade – and we’re seeing more clients than ever-transforming their outdoor living spaces into high-tech set-ups. From the ultimate in entertainment to the energy-efficient convenience, technology in outdoor living spaces is shaping up to be one of the hottest trends of our time.

At Waterloo Outdoor Design Build, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to design. So, using tech-savvy solutions to elevate the outdoor living experience is right up our design alley. There’s nothing we love more than helping home and business owners reimagine their outdoor spaces in creative, beautiful, and functional ways. And with the latest outdoor technology on our side, we can really craft wow-worthy spaces that can be enjoyed to the fullest potential.

If you’re thinking about making some tech upgrades to your outdoor spaces, we’re here to help you get started with some top tips and favorite ideas.

How to Plan an Outdoor Living Space with Technology

Odds are, you can already think of a few ways to use technology to enhance the time you spend outside. Smart technology offers up a multitude of easy ways to connect to the future, with new products and options debuting all the time.

But before you jump right into the planning process, here’s what we’ve learned after years in the business – these tips just might come in handy.

Incorporate outdoor technology in a way that works for you.

Make the best use of technology in outdoor living spaces by looking past the constantly changing trends and finding the practical upgrades that you’ll actually use. After all, you and your family will be the ones spending the most time in your outdoor space – so don’t let current fads dictate your design.

Think about how you want to utilize your outdoor living area, and then go from there. As you consider your ideal design, ask yourself these questions to get your wheels turning:

  1. What do I wish I could do in my outdoor space?
    • For example: Entertain large groups, enjoy movie night, listen to music, prepare meals
  2. Is there anything in the existing space that doesn’t offer the functionality I want?
    • For example: Outdoor lighting that has to be manually turned on, which is time-consuming and a daily hassle
  3. Aside from function, is there anything missing from my space aesthetically?
    • For example: Not enough lighting, or a visually uninteresting space

Once you have a basic foundation for the outdoor living area you want and need, you can start considering tech solutions to match.

Know your options.

If you haven’t done much browsing in the last few years, you might be surprised to see that there’s a staggering variety of outdoor tech devices and products to choose from. Outdoor entertainment, design, and even safety are all getting a serious boost from the tech industry.

Depending on your ideal outdoor area, you might have certain priorities at the top of your list. Here are a few of the most popular tech products for the outdoors that we’re working with now at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build:

  • Outdoor TVs and projectors: Take a game day – or movie night – outdoors with top-of-the-line TVs for outdoor use. Generally, outdoor televisions and projectors incorporate specific features (like higher brightness, sharper picture quality, and reduced glare) to provide a great viewing experience outside. Plus, many outdoor projectors/TVs are extra-durable, so they can withstand weather, UV rays, and other elements.
  • Outdoor speakers: Forget the hassle of setting up a stereo system outside; now, instant streaming is the way to go! With Bluetooth connectivity you can stream premium-grade sound throughout your exterior living spaces, using outdoor speakers. Landscape speakers can even be designed to look like authentic rocks and stones, blending into virtually any style of space with ease.
  • Smart outdoor lighting: Take your smart house technology outdoors with smart lighting control. Accentuate landscaping features, improve after-dark visibility, and eliminate risky blind spots with lighting that’s completely controlled via your smartphone, tablet, or interior keypad. Customize your lighting settings in seconds, choosing everything from lighting color and brightness to the time they turn on and off.

Keep in mind that not all outdoor technology devices are created equally, so stick to reputable brands known for quality construction and performance. Setting up technology outdoors can be an investment, so make yours wisely.

Partner with professionals for the best results.

It might be tempting to try to save a few bucks by DIYing your outdoor tech, but a word to the wise: more often than not, it’s just not worth it. Even though you can purchase a variety of outdoor tech products at nearly any Austin electronics store, properly installing them – and customizing the set-up for your needs and property – is an entirely different story. Tangled wires, frustrating connection issues, and disappointing results are these DIY attempts often end.

Why not make sure it turns out right the first time? When you hire Waterloo Outdoor Design Build for your Austin landscaping design, you can be confident that you have the industry’s best by your side. We have the extensive expertise you need to cover every last detail.

For example, have you thought about how to set up covered outdoor living spaces and technology to minimize equipment damage? What about how to connect all of your components for easy access? It’s our job to have all the answers, and all you need to worry about is looking forward to your new outdoor living area.

Plus, we’re a full-service design and installation company for landscaping in Austin, so we don’t just do outdoor technology. We also offer a variety of other services for all your outdoor needs, including:

Reinvent Your Outdoor Space with Smart Solutions from Our Austin Designers

From combining technology and small outdoor living spaces to executing total, tech-centered transformations, Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is the first choice for Austin home and business owners. We’ve earned a reputation for being the best in the business when it comes to innovation, creativity, and out-of-the-box designs, which just so happens to mesh perfectly with the unique, forward-thinking style of our Texas city.

When you’re searching for full-service landscape design and installation services, it can be tough to find a single provider that can do it all: design an outdoor space from scratch, help you choose plants and accent features, and bring every detail to life. But when you partner with our team, your dream outdoor living space can become an awesome reality. Not sure if you’re ready to dive into a full-scale design? Try our Designed for You services, which let you leverage our professional design expertise on your terms – and on your timeline.

Turn your basic backyard into an outdoor space that flawlessly fits your lifestyle with tech solutions and other design features from Waterloo Outdoor Design Build. Get more information about our Austin landscape design services when you contact us today!

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