Landscape & Garden Design in Austin, TX

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Design is the glamourous part of what we do! Through a series of meetings we help you create your vision through a collaborative process where we exchange ideas and supply you with our years of landscape design build experience. The outcome results in an impactful environment that you, your friends and family will enjoy for years to come.

Residential Landscape Designs

Landscape design involves making modifications to a yard to enhance its beauty or usefulness. With that in mind, our designers will take a completely customized approach to each job, relying on your input and lifestyle to inform our stylistic choices. If you and your family are active and enjoy spending time in the yard, our designers will help you cultivate a practical space that’s prepared for all of your activities.

Some of our clients, on the other hand, are primarily interested in creating a gorgeous outdoor oasis where they can sit and relax. In those cases, our yard ideas will focus on enhancing the beauty of your yard. We’ll learn about your style preferences in our initial consultation, then create an extension of your home and yard that’s designed with your specific tastes in mind.

Designed for You: An Innovative Landscape Design Service in Austin

For so many homes and small businesses in Austin, landscape design can seem like a luxury that’s out of reach. And while Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is committed to delivering the best quality service at an exceptional price, we understand that not everyone is prepared to invest in full-service landscape design and installation – so we created an alternative.

Our Designed for You Austin landscape design services give you all the benefits of professional design help at a surprisingly affordable price. Here’s how it works:

    • Our talented team will work with you to plan and design a landscape that incorporates all your needs and wants, providing our extensive expertise at every step of the process.
    • Once the design is complete, we’ll connect you with our favorite Austin landscapers and vendors to facilitate the build.
    • With your landscaping design in hand, you’ll be ready to start construction and installation with a company that we recommend. Waterloo will help you assess potential contractors, matching you with vendors that can execute the design to perfection.

The result? You can cut costs by breaking the landscaping process down by job without sacrificing your dream backyard or outdoor space. Waterloo designs your area, gets you in contact with the right vendors, and you take it from there – you won’t find a more affordable way to navigate your landscaping projects.

Our team specializes in designing comfortable spaces that don’t just look great and make you feel a certain way. That’s something that you won’t find from any other provider of outdoor landscape design Austin, Texas has to offer. And with Designed for You, you can have the five-star design experience at the lowest price in town.

Garden Design

A Range of Garden Ideas to Choose From

Our designs incorporate plants, mulch, gravel, decks, walkways, pergolas, trellises, outdoor kitchen spaces, fire pit areas, enclosed patios, driveways, bench seating, water features, dry creek beds and other structural elements. From this large spectrum of possibilities we determine which ones will help you recharge from your busy day or give a group of people you love refuge during the weekends.  What do you love doing outdoors? Do you want to have fruit trees? Would you like to have a large play space for the kids? Do you want a planter full of succulents that you can enjoy from inside the house? We help you navigate your options to find the best fit for your ideal outdoor space and then tailor these features to your property.

Guidance by Landscape Designers

Sustainability is an important ethos within our company. We prefer to use native or adapted plants that are drought and freeze tolerant which generate a low maintenance, water wise garden bed. We install beautiful modern xeriscape gardens, but that is not the majority of what we do by any means. There are beautiful leafy, lush, colorful plants that naturally thrive in our hill-country climate.

Creative Landscaping Designs

Wall Garden Landscaping

Skillful Landscapers Execute the Garden Design Seamlessly

We value the final product of our installations, but we also strive for the process of the build to be pleasant and transparent. As a small company we are able to put care and attention to detail in everything we do and we pride ourselves on making our customers delighted with our service and our work.  Waterloo Outdoor Design Build’s objective is to create an additional living space that will give you reason to go outside and spend more time outdoors connecting with your family and nature.

Designed for You: A Creative Approach to Garden Design in Austin

Are you ready to start backyard gardening in Texas? You can turn your yard into a stunning space that’s full of flowers, edible plants, and more, planting a landscape that’s as beautiful as it is beneficial. But if you’re not sure if you can invest in a full-service garden design project from the professionals, don’t worry – you can still reap the benefits of an expert team.

Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is changing how you tackle your next gardening project, giving you a budget-friendly solution that suits your home or business with our Designed for You service. Here’s how it works:

    • We’ll handle the designs, sitting down with you to discuss your inspiration, maximum budget, and long-term vision. Even if you’re starting from scratch and aren’t sure exactly what kind of gardener you want to be (hands-on, zero-maintenance, somewhere in the middle?), our seasoned design team will guide you from a beginning concept to a final design.
    • We’ll then refer you to our list of preferred vendors in Austin, Texas. Our team knows the best construction, landscaping, and installation teams, so you can be completely confident in the quality of work.
    • You can decide who to work with and how to move forward, so you can save money and maximize value.

For some of our clients, our Designed for You solutions make it possible to complete a project in stages, keeping the process affordable. Others decide to do parts of the job themselves but want to have a professionally-crafted design to work from. Whatever you have the money, time, and experience for, we’re prepared to help you plan a garden that becomes your happy place.

Give us a call at (512) 434-9988 today to get started on your garden space in the Austin area.

Flower Bed Landscaping

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