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we love nothing more than designing a new garden. Whether you’re giving your yard a new look or starting with totally undeveloped land, you can count on us to create something that will delight you.

We deliver elaborate work for clients who want to have the best of everything, and no detail goes overlooked. When you work with our team of master designers and experienced gardeners, you’re receiving the highest quality of garden design in Houston, Texas.

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Garden Design

When some people think about their options for garden design, they’re considering the choice between flowers, succulents, fruit trees, and other types of plants. That’s certainly a decision you can make, but the work of a master designer goes so far beyond that.

Experts from Waterloo Outdoor Design Build will open you up to possibilities you may not have previously fathomed. In addition to plants, we’ll alert you to opportunities where you may benefit from adding a water feature, seating, or some sort of structure for shade. Our work is intended to optimize a garden for both plant health and your own enjoyment.


Garden Design Process

If you already have a strong idea about what you want from your garden, our master designers will help you refine your vision. You can use your own concept in conjunction with Waterloo Outdoor Design Build’s experience to create a professionally polished version of your own garden.

If you just know that you need a new garden design, but you’re not sure what you’re looking for yet, we’ll help you hone in on what your dream garden should look like.

We’ll visit your home for an initial consultation to get a feel for the project. This allows us to see the current status of your yard, whether it is located in the front yard or backyard, we can get a feel for what it could become.

We’ll consider the aesthetics of your house, and plan our design accordingly. Most importantly, our consultation allows us to meet you, get a feel for your personality, and understand how you’d like to use your garden.


How to Choose a Garden Design

There is certainly no shortage of options. Our designers draw from both traditional and modern inspiration, so the only limiting factor is how much space you have to work with.

If you’re torn between two options, or can’t decide which direction to take your garden, our experts will help you navigate your choices until you settle on one you love.

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Garden Installation Houston

After we’ve worked with you to plan a garden that you’re excited about, we’ll help bring the design to life. At Waterloo Outdoor Design Build, we work with some of the best gardeners in Houston.

If your garden requires other special skills or experience, we can rely on our network of welders, masons, irrigation specialists, carpenters, and lighting experience. Together, we’ll work to produce a garden that turns out exactly as you imagined it, or possibly even better.

Designed for You: A Creative Approach to Garden Design in Houston

Are you ready to start backyard gardening in Texas? You can turn your yard into a stunning space that’s full of flowers, edible plants, and more, planting a landscape that’s as beautiful as it is beneficial. But if you’re not sure if you can invest in a full-service garden design project from the professionals, don’t worry – you can still reap the benefits of an expert team.

Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is changing how you tackle your next gardening project, giving you a budget-friendly solution that suits your home or business with our Designed for You service. Here’s how it works:

We’ll handle the designs, sitting down with you to discuss your inspiration, maximum budget, and long-term vision. Even if you’re starting from scratch and aren’t sure exactly what kind of gardener you want to be (hands-on, zero-maintenance, somewhere in the middle?), our seasoned design team will guide you from a beginning concept to a final design.

We’ll then refer you to our list of preferred vendors in Houston, Texas. Our team knows the best construction, landscaping, and installation teams, so you can be completely confident in the quality of work.

You can decide who to work with and how to move forward, so you can save money and maximize value.

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For some of our clients, our Designed for You solutions make it possible to complete a project in stages, keeping the process affordable. Others decide to do parts of the job themselves but want to have a professionally crafted design to work from. Whatever you have the money, time, and experience for, we’re prepared to help you plan a garden that becomes your happy place.

Give us a call at (512) 731-1529 today to get started on your garden space in the Houston area.

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