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Summer Outdoor Living Spaces in Texas

In the Lone Star State of Texas, spending time outdoors is a way of life. Through sun, rain, and even the soaring temperatures of summer, we Texans know how to make the most of outdoor living.

But to really enjoy your yard to the fullest, you’re going to need a space that suits you. Whether your vision of Texas backyard living features a sparkling swimming pool, spacious outdoor kitchen, or a custom pergola with comfortable patio chairs (or all of the above!), Waterloo Outdoor Design Build can turn your dream into a reality. 

We’re a full-service landscape design and build firm specializing in creating customized outdoor spaces for homeowners throughout Austin and the surrounding area. Our experience spans everything from custom outdoor patios and pergolas to native landscaping and eco-friendly water features. The Waterloo team firmly believes that you should love your outdoor living area just as much as your home’s interior – and it should equally reflect your lifestyle, personality, and aesthetic. 

As people are more excited than ever to enjoy every day, we’re diving headfirst into a diverse range of outdoor design projects for new and returning clients alike. We’re excited to be doing what we love, which is why we’re sharing how you can transform a blank slate into the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted – and Waterloo can help. 

Transforming Your Yard with Custom Outdoor Design in Austin, Texas

What better way to ensure that your outdoor living area is exactly what you want than with a completely customized design? Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving an existing space, Waterloo Design and Build can give you plenty of inspiration for making the space our own. 

Here are some ideas for outdoor spaces in Texas that are made for relaxing, entertaining, playing, and simply just soaking up the quiet mornings, long afternoons, breezy evenings, and starry nights in Texas.

A Spacious Deck with Room to Spare

In Texas, deck design can be more complex than you’d think, especially when it comes to navigating key elements like durability and sustainability. Your deck shouldn’t feel like an afterthought; instead, it should be a central feature of your yard. Waterloo will build you a deck that’s decidedly “you,” avoiding cookie-cutter designs in favor of beautifully constructed and thoughtfully designed masterpieces. 

Flexible options like multi-tiered or covered decks let you set up a space that will serve as the perfect backdrop to your lifestyle. Create “zones” for dining, entertainment, and play, or accentuate the natural shapes of the plants in your yard with a curved deck design.

An Outdoor Kitchen or Barbecue Space

There’s better than a delicious meal enjoyed under the Texas sun, except for a meal that you were able to prepare, cook, and serve without ever stepping inside. Waterloo can craft custom outdoor kitchens and barbecue/grill spaces, creating an easy flow for entertaining and casual meals alike. Not only will you gain an attractive feature in your yard, but you’ll also enjoy the convenience and comfort of a seamlessly designed feature.

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to eat all of the incredible food you’re cooking, which is where your custom outdoor dining area comes in. We can incorporate features like patio furniture, a pergola, and even a water feature to blend style and functionality.

The Perfect Patio shaded by a Pergola

For many existing homes and new builds in Austin, builder-grade patios are holding homeowners back from reaching their true outdoor living potential. Small, boring patios with no shade are more common than you’d think, but Waterloo Outdoor Design and Build is on a mission to change that.

Our custom patio designs take existing architecture into consideration, finding inspiration in both traditional and modern elements while focusing on meshing with your home’s style. We know how to maximize your available space and aren’t afraid to get creative in order to find a solution that suits your needs. 

Especially during the hot days of Texas summer, you’re going to want ample shade to keep you cool – making a pergola a necessity for outdoor living. Forget the generic, pre-made pergola “kits” you see at local big box stores. Instead, add to your home’s visual appeal and value with a custom-built pergola tailored specifically to your outdoor living area.

A Water Feature to create Ambiance

Have you ever noticed the way that the sound of water can turn almost any space into a peaceful retreat? Outdoor water features in Austin need to balance sustainability and beauty, incorporating water-wise elements to conserve precious resources and keep water bills low. 

Waterloo Outdoor Design and Build has a portfolio that features custom water features of all sizes and types, including ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and water gardens. Thanks to our familiarity with the necessary equipment and structural elements, our team has the freedom to get creative without sacrificing quality. For the ultimate focal point, consider a fireplace with a water feature in your backyard – and watch as it becomes a gathering spot for family and friends this summer.

Landscaping that will Surround You with Natural Beauty

Finally, no outdoor living space is complete without the trees, shrubs, and flowers designed by none other than Mother Nature herself. Depending on how you plan to utilize your space – active play with children, a serene space for relaxation, a lush oasis for entertainment – our Austin landscape designers will produce a design to match.

We can also help you get started with a garden, whether you’re hoping to hone your gardening skills with fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs, or flowers. Additionally, our experience in xeriscaping in Texas makes us an excellent source for low-maintenance, native landscaping for hill country homes.

How Waterloo Crafts Exceptional Spaces for Outdoor Living in the Summer

The best outdoor living space is the one that inspires you to spend more time outside of your house than in. When you’re searching for inspiration for Texas custom patios, pools, landscaping, and other features, that means staying true to what suits your personal sense of style. 

At Waterloo Design and Build, we strive for a balance of form and function in every space we create. Not only should your outdoor living area look incredible, but it should truly feel like it was designed expressly for you – because it was! Our collaborative approach allows us to learn about how you want to use the space, who will be spending time outside, and your top priorities. Then, we combine that information with our expertise, design knowledge, and creativity, and the end result is a final product that you love.

Our team is proud to have played a small part in shaping the spaces where our clients will make memories that last a lifetime. From our knowledge of eco-conscious landscaping to our meticulously designed Texas custom patios, reviews from our clients show us that we’re achieving our goal to serve the community of Austin with sky-high standards of excellence.

Complete Your Home with a Custom Outdoor Living Space

The outdoor living area of a lifetime doesn’t have to be something reserved for your daydreams, especially not when you have the Waterloo Design and Build team ready to tackle your project now. Our broad range of services makes it simple to craft a stunning space from start to finish. Plus, our new Designed for You service takes an innovative approach to luxury landscape and outdoor living design on your terms. And with a signature aesthetic that embodies the creative, vibrant, and unique spirit of Austin, we have no doubt that we are the right landscaping designers for you.

Get more information about taking the next steps towards an outdoor living space for this summer and every season after you contact Waterloo Design Build today!

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