Interior Landscaping

Interior Landscaping for Your Commercial Business

Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is a unique, luxury landscaping business. Women-owned and operated, their team of landscape designers is the premier choice for commercial property landscaping in Austin.

Luxury Interior Landscape Design

When you want to attract and keep the best tenants in your commercial buildings, you have to provide a building that is not only clean but offers the atmosphere that their clientele expects. A wow factor cannot be overlooked, nor can the draw of an interior that feels like you are out in nature. It is not just about color, but about texture, scent and evoking emotion.

A well-planned commercial landscape design can draw the visitors in and instantly envelope them with a sense of welcome and of well-being. Depending on your aesthetic concept, you and your landscape architect can inspire energy or calm or serenity in your tenants and visitors.

With the flow, you can encourage a sense of community, or you can provide small areas for conversation or reflection. The effect on the volume and caliber of traffic that an interior commercial landscaping implementation can have should not be underestimated.

High-End Quality

Whether it is a living green wall, a vertical garden or strategically-placed architectural planters with blooming plants, every detail of an interior landscape should have purpose and intent. When you’ve chosen the right commercial landscaping design company, they will have met with you to understand the intention of the atmosphere, the planned use and the type of traffic you expect. Your resulting interior landscape should echo the status and value of the types of businesses within.

Lighting is another crucial element in your design. Not only do you want to create the appropriate mood, but the plants need the right kind of light to thrive. A knowledgeable landscape architect will understand that the proper color of light encourages different types of growth, depending on the type of plant. You will want to make sure that your choice of commercial landscape design company has the experience and credentials to ensure that your investment is a sound one.

A Transformed Interiorscape

When an interiorscape is designed with attention to vision and future growth, it can completely transform the building. It can encourage interaction or slow down traffic patterns with unusual design elements and meandering paths. A luxurious, inviting interior garden can create a calm escape from the busy world outside the doors.

Different designs can energize and create a desire for action and results, perfect for elite health clubs, for example.

Perfect interior building landscaping brings the outdoors inside and naturally, purifies the air in your offices. Improved health, stress relief, and elevated mood can enhance the experience for tenants and employees. Impress visitors with the elite finishes, magnificent design and the feeling of privilege to be a part of the experience. Your interiorscape should reflect the aesthetic of your business and your clients.

A Personally Designed Experience

You’ll know you have found the right commercial landscape designer from the first meeting. Your thoughts, vision, preferences, and intent should be the first questions asked by your designer. The scope of the job should be thoroughly discussed. They should freely offer examples of their work and references. An experienced professional should ask questions that give insight and lead them to present ideas that you may not have known to request.

After your consultation, your designer will need to examine the space, observe how natural light comes into the building at different times of the day and take measurements. If your chosen company does not spend time understanding your needs and the conditions where the build will occur, you should continue looking for an appropriate interior commercial design company.

For a first-class experience, you need a design company that understands luxury real estate and the expectations of the owners. When you are ready to elevate the interior of your commercial building with a beautiful indoor landscape, contact Waterloo Outdoor Design Build.

Image Credit: Getty Images / krooogle