Fireplace Designs

Fire Features in your Yard or Business Location

Your outdoor space is a huge opportunity to improve the curb appeal and functionality of your home or business location. If you’re considering working with a professional landscape designer, there are a surprising amount of design features available for your location. Find out how outdoor fire features elevate your business or yard with an informal gathering area and unforgettable ambiance.

Fireplace Designs

Just like an interior fireplace, your outdoor fireplace can be custom-made to fit your space. Whether you’re going for a modern, minimalist fire pit or an expansive, rustic fireplace, compare these common fireplace design options:

    • Stand-alone fire pit
    • Built-in brick fireplace
    • Fire table
    • Wood, propane or natural gas fireplace

Once you choose the basic design elements and fuel source, choose a material. Fireplaces can use brick, natural stone, concrete, tile and other elements to balance smooth lines and bold textures. Match your outdoor living area or create a bold, unique fireplace to arrest attention and elevate your outdoor design.

A professional landscape designer can create a personalized fire feature for your location. Discuss your needs and desires and receive a full design for your approval. Once approved, work with a leading fire feature and landscape build team to seamlessly connect your fire feature to your outdoor area.

Bold Backdrop

A fireplace is a commanding visual in any outdoor space. Guests, employees, and customers love cool fire pits. Even if your fire feature isn’t lit, it still evokes a natural warmth and iconic meeting area. Add a fireplace for a focal point for your patio furniture or place one at the edge of your restaurant seating for an excellent backdrop to an unforgettable meal.

A fire feature can be a small, elegant fire pit or a cozy brick fireplace with a towering chimney. Tailor your fire feature to match the aesthetics of your space and draw in customers or guests.

Informal Meeting Area

Office spaces are turning to outdoor work areas for improved productivity and freedom. If you have an outdoor work area for your employees, add a fireplace to create visual interest and a new seating area. It’s a great place to host a casual meeting. You can even gather around a crackling fire at the end of the day for much-needed warmth.

Your yard can also benefit from a personalized fire feature. A roaring fire is a calming centerpiece for an informal gathering with friends, family or business contacts. Choose a fire pit or fire table to allow your guests to communicate in a comfortable, circular seating arrangement.

Extended Outdoor Living Area

Make your yard feel like a second living room. Work with a dedicated team of commercial landscape designers to extend your seating area and improve the aesthetics of your yard. An outdoor living area gathered around a fire offers a number of benefits.

First, the warmth of a natural or gas fireplace increases the seasonal use of your outdoor space. Cool spring morning and fall evenings are perfect for curling up with a book or setting up an outdoor office in your yard.

Instead of gathering around the TV, gather your family around a crackling fire in the evening. Tell stories, discuss the future and enjoy the comfort of your new outdoor arrangement. A fire feature invites you to spend more time outdoors in the cool evenings.

Learn More About Professional Designs and Installation

When you’re ready for premier residential and commercial landscape design and build services, contact us at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build. Our women-owned design and build team works with you to create an unforgettable outdoor living area. Use a consultation as a jumping-off point to reimagine your yard or commercial location.

Image: By Artazum via Shutterstock