Outdoor landscape spaces

Creating Outdoor Spaces That Customers & Employees Enjoy

Elevate your work environment by incorporating outdoor work areas into your commercial landscaping. Too many offices lack creativity and employee inspiration due to stuffy cubicles or distracting open-air office designs.

Explore how Waterloo Outdoor Design Build can inspire your employees and improve your work atmosphere with premier landscape designs and construction services.

Benefits of Outdoor Work Areas

Enjoy the beautiful weather of Austin, Texas by taking your work outdoors. Spending too much time indoors can have a number of negative consequences for your employees. Here are a few benefits you can receive by rethinking your work environment.

Employee Wellbeing

Employees who spend time outdoors are more comfortable, relaxed, and happy. Research has found that spending more time outdoors can improve the health and wellbeing of your employees.


Glaring fluorescent lighting, stuffy office air, and other typical office features can limit productivity and distract employees. A lack of vitamin D and serotonin, which we receive naturally from sunlight, can reduce concentration levels. Choose a day of the week, a few hours a day, or give your employees unlimited access to open-air office space.

New Ideas

Fresh air is conducive to new ideas. Changing your work environment has a major effect on your staff. A creative office requires a constant stream of new ideas, which can be particularly difficult if your employees are always looking at plain, sterile spaces.

Popular Features for a Productive Outdoor Space

Use commercial property landscaping in Austin, Texas to create desks, conference tables, and other seating areas. For more inspiration, as you dream about your commercial landscape design, look at these popular features. Work with a leading landscape designer to incorporate these ideas into your outdoor space.

Water Features

The natural sounds of water are incredibly relaxing. Whether you have a fountain, artificial waterfall, or small stream running through your outdoor office space, adding water can be a great way to add another sensory level to your space. Calming background noise can blend with the sound of other conversations or distant sounds of traffic and help keep your mind focused.

Hiring a professional design and build team is essential for your water features. Without care, a water feature can take up a great deal of your outdoor space and become more of an eyesore than a tranquil centerpiece.

Community Seating and Private Corners

Because your outdoor space needs to be a space of productive concentration, you need a variety of seating options. Look for ways to incorporate seating into your building landscaping as naturally as possible. In keeping with the freedom of outdoor work areas, it’s best to provide your employees with a range of seating options. Combine desks, tables, benches, and natural seating areas to offer a varied environment day after day.

Shrubs, Trees, and Other Greenery

Sunlight is a major factor in the benefits of outdoor living, but greenery is another one. Hire a landscape designer to provide ideal flower beds, trees, shrubs, and other greenery around your outdoor seating and walkways. A fresh, green environment adds to the overall feel of your new workspace.

Balanced Natural Light and Shade

Natural sunlight can be a great source of vitamin D. However, the intense heat of Austin can make an outdoor area uncomfortably hot. Balance sunlight and shade to achieve comfortable temperatures without preventing all sunlight from reaching your work environment. Be sure your employees are comfortable and don’t experience eye strain from direct sunlight or lack of light.

Work With a Landscaping Architect

Restore your workspace productivity and improve your company’s wellbeing with elevated landscape designs. Contact us at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build to receive a consultation. Work with leaders in the industry to identify the features that will promote the idea generation, focus, and wellbeing your company desires.


Image Credit: Getty Images / vicnt