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Backyard landscaping ideas | Waterloo Outdoor Design

Landscaping the backyard of your Austin, TX, home combines the elegance of both form and function. Your backyard is part of the local ecosystem; its design should safely channel rainwater and support the contained plant life in your garden beds — other than those duties, the design is entirely up to your vision of the perfect backyard escape. Are you looking for backyard landscaping ideas to create the perfect relaxing garden oasis, a lively family gathering spot around the fire pit, a gourmet outdoor kitchen (or grill pit), or perhaps a little bit of all three?


Austin homeowners have the freedom of a temperate to warm climate, making it the perfect place for both luxurious green gardens and beautiful dessert-style grassless landscaping. Whether you’re planning on an astounding deck or an enchanting garden path, you’ll find the expertise you need with Waterloo Outdoor Design Build. Here are some of our favorite backyard landscaping ideas for the coming season.


Defining Space with Structure

You have two landscaping options in a large backyard: Grade the field and place soccer goals or define the space with elegant structural elements. Consider curving pathways, raised garden beds, artistic sheds, or Pavillion pergolas for an enchanting garden design. 


Work with our landscape design specialists to visualize how beautiful your space could be with trees and bushes hiding shady garden corners or with beautiful rock beds creating visual artistry in swirls of colorful quartz. Lay defining pathways in pavers or stepping stones and use your outbuildings to create new garden regions to explore.


No Patio, No Problem – Add a Pergola

If your back step opens into beautiful green grass, you don’t need to pave a patio to make the most of your outdoor space. Create outdoor living designs by adding a free-standing pergola draped with indoor-outdoor curtains for adaptable shade and elegant privacy. Enjoy the cool grass under your toes, or hang a bench swing or hammock from the pergola beams to drift into weightless garden naps.


Use The Lawn as a Patio

Another option for a patio-free backyard design is to use your lawn as the patio. Grade your lawn, so it’s beautifully flat and cultivates rich, soft grass with no weeds or hidden pebbles. Embrace the joy of barefoot picnics, lawn lounging, and beautiful green expanses. To contrast the rich natural green carpet, you can frame your patio lawn with paving, pebbles, or flower beds.


Think about a Grass-less Design

What about going completely grass-free instead? One very popular backyard landscaping idea is known as “Xeriscaping,” or creating landscapes that require little to no water. When landscaping Austin, TX homes – where dry spells are common – a backyard of pavers, pebbles, and succulent flower beds can require hundreds fewer gallons of water to keep alive and beautiful every year. 


Grassless landscaping designs are also easier to maintain, requiring less weeding or protection from insects. At the same time, you get to see the fantastic shapes our local and transplanted succulents can take when allowed to thrive in arid Austin soil.


Just be sure to note which of your grass-less succulent flower beds like direct sunlight vs. shady seclusion.


Fire Pits & Creating An Outdoor Open Air “Room”

This year, outdoor living and backyard fire pit ideas are a huge hit as families are inspired to embrace luxurious indoor-outdoor lifestyles. Every Austin backyard should have a seating area surrounding a welcoming fire pit, no matter your landscaping style. 


A little brazier-style fire pit can turn even a small back patio into a firelit oasis, while larger backyards can landscape an entire stone-lined seating area with a bricked-in fire pit that glows with heat for delightful summer play and warm winter evenings with family.


Add Privacy with Retaining Walls Around Patios

A subtle way to add privacy to your patio is with retaining walls, raising the level of your garden, or creating a sunken patio effect that is both elegant and cozy. Tall plants, outdoor curtains, and stylish outdoor dividers can provide backyard privacy without taking away from the ambiance and beauty of your landscaping.


Give your patio shape, level, and personality with retaining walls that define different heights throughout your garden, then use that difference in height to provide relaxing, beautifully screened backyard privacy for yourself and your family.


Outdoor Kitchens & Cafe Society Themes

What about backyard landscaping ideas for your outdoor kitchen or cafe society vibe? Your outdoor kitchen design should be uniquely you, whether you are the grillmaster general or a DIY gourmet. Outdoor kitchens are best when shaded under a pergola or covered patio. We find that cafe seating is the most charming when hidden in surprising private corners of a lushly landscaped backyard. 


Whole Backyard Design Services at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build

Whether you’re landscaping a luxurious new patio for outdoor living or looking for whole backyard design services, you can count on the landscaping and design experts of Waterloo Outdoor Design Build. We’ll work with you to fully create and realize your vision of the perfect backyard design. We can do everything from welcoming fire pits and outdoor kitchens to stylish grassless xeriscaping designs. Contact us today to discuss backyard landscaping design ideas for your Austin, TX, home.


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Retaining Wall Ideas

Do you have a sloped backyard or front yard that makes you feel like it’s impossible to design? Whatever you want to do with your yard, Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is the best designer to call in Austin, TX, to transform your space into something spectacular. We’ll explore some of your home’s most creative retaining wall ideas for backyard landscaping in Austin, so read on for some great tips.


6 Retaining Wall Ideas for a Sloped Backyard

In landscaping, retaining walls are a top-rated method for leveling out and supporting uneven terrain. If your backyard is steep, let Waterloo Outdoor Design Build help you to make the most of it.


Natural Retaining Wall

Not only do natural retaining walls look great, but they also create functional spaces like garden beds or raised walkways. Here’s how we build our walls:


  • Use natural stones of different sizes to create a staggered look
  • Incorporate ledges or shelves into the design to create planting areas or resting spots
  • Use various color stones to create visual interest
  • Use a mix of both smooth and rough stones for a more natural look
  • Add some extra interest by incorporating carved details or exciting shapes


Outdoor Kitchen

If you’re lucky enough to have a sloped backyard, why not make the most of it by adding an outdoor kitchen? It helps to level off your backyard while creating a perfect spot for entertaining guests or enjoying a meal with your family. Plus, it can be a great way to show off your culinary skills! 


We’ll design the outdoor kitchen in a few steps. First, we’ll choose a location with enough space for all your desired features. Next, we’ll ensure a good water and gas supply and that the area is well-ventilated. And, of course, you’ll want to pick out some stylish and durable outdoor furniture to complete the look. We’ll do all that for you! 


Gabion Basket

Gabion baskets are cages filled with rocks or other materials placed against a wall to provide support. Gabion baskets are quick and easy to install and can be filled with ready-made materials. They are also great for sloped land to prevent soil erosion.


Our professionals will ensure that the baskets are sufficiently loaded, compacted, and placed on a solid foundation. This wall retaining idea is an excellent option for those looking for an alternative to traditional retaining walls. 


Landscape Block

Landscaping blocks are versatile materials for creating various looks, from classic to modern. We also use them to define a patio or make raised terraced gardens for your sloped land. 


When choosing landscaping blocks, we consider the overall look you are trying to achieve. Our landscaping blocks come in various colors and textures to create a unique look that reflects your style. Landscaping blocks with the same color and texture create a uniform look while mixing them gives off an eclectic feel. 


Raise the Flower Beds

Raising the flower beds adds visual interest and stops soil erosion in your sloped yard. Raised beds can be used to create separation between different areas of your yard or to add some extra height to your landscaping. They’re also a great way to showcase your flowers and plants.


Create a Waterfall

The key to creating a beautiful waterfall is to master the art of flow. The water should flow evenly over the rocks, creating a gentle cascade. It should not gush or trickle but flow in a continuous, gentle stream. We use stones, bricks, or concrete to create this relaxing oasis in your backyard. We can even construct a waterfall with a simple hose and a few rocks.


Looking for Retaining Wall Construction Services in Austin, TX?

Make your outdoor area the envy of the neighborhood with green footprint designs and build services from Waterloo Outdoor Design Build!


Whether you’re looking for retaining wall ideas, landscape design, or anything else, we’ve covered you. Furthermore, isn’t it exciting to learn something new? We’ll only take a few months to construct your space, then leave the DIY work to you!


Our affordable prices make it easy to get the look you want without breaking the bank. Contact us today to get started on your dream outdoor space!


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Complete Outdoor Living Space Designed For You

It wasn’t unusual for homeowners to consider their outdoor space an afterthought for many years, but now, everything has changed. 

As more of us grow to appreciate our outdoor spaces as a place to entertain, relax, and simply enjoy a pleasant change of pace, both home and business owners are rethinking their approach to outdoor design. Whether you’re working with a small patio or acres of open land, it’s time to get creative and create a one-of-a-kind outdoor living area that suits your lifestyle.

And best of all, the forward-thinking team at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is here to help you do just that.

Why Creating a Custom Outdoor Living Space Can Elevate the Everyday 

It’s no secret that there are plenty of perks to living in Austin, including the beautiful weather we get to enjoy on a regular basis. So, it’s not surprising that more and more Austin locals are looking for ways to enhance their outdoor spaces with custom touches.

There are so many reasons that a custom outdoor space is a wonderful addition to any property, including:

  • If you work from home, you’ll gain a fantastic space to get fresh air and escape your home office while still staying productive.
  • You can make the most of outdoor entertaining, welcoming friends and family for casual get-togethers, holiday celebrations, backyard barbecues, and more.
  • You can increase your home value and, if you eventually choose to sell it, attract buyers with a stunning space for outdoor living.
  • Business owners can invite clients or colleagues for meetings in a uniquely scenic space, setting the stage for positive interactions.

Designed for You: A New Approach to Austin, TX Landscape Design 

Are you feeling inspired to upgrade your outdoor living area? While many Austin landscape designers will set up outdoor spaces, none operate quite like Waterloo Outdoor Design Build.

We wanted to provide a new option for home and business owners in need of custom outdoor living areas in Austin, TX. Our goal was to offer the ultimate in flexibility, professional design support, and creative vision. And thus, our Designed for You custom design services were born.

The city of Austin has a well-deserved reputation for being home to out-of-the-box thinkers and doers – so what better way to help Austinites create their dream outdoor areas than by giving them the reins? Waterloo Outdoor Design will collaborate with you to design your perfect outdoor space, working with a timeline, budget, and plan that works for you.

Whether that means a full-service custom design from concept to installation, or simply a basic blueprint for a space you’ll develop in the future, we’ll adapt according to your needs:

  1. First, our designers will meet with you to start putting together a design. You can arrange a site visit or come to our office and bring a ton of inspiration images or just a general idea of how you want the space to “feel.” You’re in the driver’s seat, and the project plan will be based on your:

    a. Budget
    b. Preferences
    c. Lifestyle
    d. Personal design style
    e. Available space
    f. Landscape considerations

  2. Once you have a finalized design, we’ll turn everything over to you. But before we part ways, we’ll make sure you have all the information you need to successfully assess and select contractors, project managers, and other key providers when you’re ready. Waterloo Outdoor Design Build will give you access to our preferred vendors and suppliers, so you can be confident that your job is in great hands.

The biggest benefit of Designed for You is that it makes it simple to make informed decisions throughout the entire custom design process. Essentially, we arm you with all the information, tools, and know-how you need to tackle a custom outdoor living space, so you can do it when and how you want.

Collaborate with Waterloo Outdoor Design Build for Your Dream Landscape Design in Austin

At Waterloo Outdoor Design Build, we firmly believe that no two clients are alike – and neither is our design approach. Our Designed for You concept is an innovative take on landscape design services in Austin, TX, aimed at transforming the entire client experience. 

From the very beginning, you’ll have a collaborative partnership with the Waterloo designers. Together, we’ll determine exactly what you’re envisioning for your ideal outdoor living area, and then we’ll turn that vision into a beautiful reality. 

Designed for You can be an excellent option for a variety of clients, including those creating outdoor living areas for home and business. Maybe you want to DIY your outdoor space, but you need professional help with the design; or, perhaps you already have an Austin landscaping installation team ready to go. With the flexibility of our Designed for You services, you have the freedom to develop your outdoor design on your terms.

For more information about our landscape designers in Austin and our full range of services, please contact our team today!

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Commercial Outdoor Living Spaces

In any high-quality commercial design, form and function must co-exist. For your business, this means looking beyond the interior of your building or office and considering how to develop an attractive and purposeful outdoor space.

Now more than ever, there is a growing expectation that a well-crafted outdoor area is included in any commercial space. Particularly in the city of Austin, where residents are accustomed to enjoying time outdoors, outdoor amenities have become a necessity for virtually all types of businesses.

The benefits of a thoughtfully-designed commercial outdoor space aren’t limited to your relationships with clients; they also extend to your employees (and even your property value) as well.

The Importance of Outdoor Space in Commercial Developments

In the world of commercial development, space is at a premium. So, for many business owners, the decision to create an outdoor space comes down to the potential return on investment – will it really be worth the time and expense?

Simply put, yes.

Outdoor spaces in commercial developments, such as office buildings, restaurants, corporate campuses, and retail centers, have the power to transform the day-to-day experience of employees and clients alike. We don’t need scientific researchers to tell us that having access to an outdoor space is a positive feature in any workplace. In fact, all of us can easily understand the negative effects of spending eight-plus hours a day indoors: lowered productivity, increased stress, workplace dissatisfaction, low morale, and less productivity are side effects that many of us have experienced before.

Even just a half-hour spent outside can make a world of difference for the mental and physical well-being of employees. Companies that strive for an employee-centered company culture have learned that outdoor spaces don’t just benefit their staff; they support the success of the business as well.

Beyond employee morale, commercial outdoor spaces offer other benefits, such as:

Improved safety and accessibility

Elements such as paved walkways and decorative retaining walls can be an effective way to prioritize safety by establishing clear paths for foot traffic and designating “off-limits” areas. A walkway also reduces the risk of tripping and falling while simultaneously ensuring accessibility.

Streamlined landscape management

Do you currently have an outdoor area that is a hassle to keep clean and tidy? Depending on the present set-up, you could find yourself frustrated by a lack of cohesiveness, unsightly and overgrown vegetation, or debris that collects after a windy or rainy day. By investing in a professionally-designed outdoor space, one that functions as it should, you can actually reduce the cost and effort involved in managing your property’s landscaping.

Increased property value

Whether you’re planning to stay at your location for years to come or you’re considering selling in the near future, boosting your property value is always a plus. An attractive outdoor space can be a major selling point for a commercial property, especially as buyers begin to consider outdoor areas a non-negotiable.

A positive first impression

From the moment someone arrives at your business, they are building an initial impression of your property – and by extension, your business as a whole. A welcoming, aesthetically-pleasing outdoor space doesn’t just help your property look better; it also shows that your business is one that takes pride in everything that you do.

Design Ideas for Commercial Outdoor Spaces

Even if you’re starting from scratch, an outdoor space doesn’t have to involve a complicated or difficult design process.

Working with a professional design team, like the experts at Waterloo Design Build, is the smartest way to pull off a successful project. Additionally, having an understanding of how you can use outdoor spaces to meet the unique needs of your business will be incredibly helpful. For example, if you operate a small retail shop, a water feature might not be your top priority – on the other hand, a sleek and stylish water fountain could be the perfect finishing touch in an outdoor courtyard for a large office complex.

When you partner with the Waterloo team for Austin landscaping and commercial outdoor design, you’ll gain a knowledgeable guide that will help you navigate the process. But to help you get started, here are just a few commercial outdoor space ideas to inspire you:

Build an oversized patio to make the most of the existing green space.

If you already have landscaping in place, adding a patio is the perfect way to encourage employees and clients to enjoy your outdoor areas.

A commercial outdoor patio can be used as an alternative to the traditional indoor conference room, as a dining area for employee meal breaks, or even a quick meeting spot for one-on-one collaborations. For some businesses, the right patio area can even function as a space for events.

Maximize the functionality of the patio space by incorporating features such as outdoor electricity so that people are able to plug-in mobile devices such as cell phones, tablets, and laptops. A covered patio is ideal because it can be used in all types of weather. Depending on what landscaping you already have – if any – you might also consider constructing planters along the border of the patio, to add some color and visual interest.

Incorporate a water feature to enhance the look and feel of an outdoor space.

Nearly every outdoor space can benefit from the addition of water, especially when you consider the uniquely serene ambiance a water feature can create. On a commercial property, where activity and stress levels can run high, a beautiful water feature can contribute to both the look and feel of a space.

Picture this: a contemporary-style water garden centered in a quiet courtyard in your corporate campus, complete with a peaceful waterfall and eye-catching river rocks. It would be a delightful focal point for your business, while the gentle sound of rushing water would set a tranquil tone. Before long, the outdoor space would become a gathering spot for employees and clients, as well as a destination for anyone that needs just a few moments to “get away” from a busy day.

Set up small outdoor living spaces and seating areas throughout your property.

Not every outdoor space has to be large or feature an array of design elements. In fact, some of the most useful commercial outdoor areas are the quiet corners and small, peaceful seating areas. As valuable as it is to have outdoor living areas where large groups can gather, it’s equally important to set aside spots that have a smaller footprint. This adds to the versatility of your commercial outdoor spaces while also making your property particularly unique.

For example, a decorative privacy screen can be used to designate a modest patio space, where two to three chairs and a petite table are contained. Or, a narrow pergola can be built to make use of an awkwardly-shaped side yard, then staged for small group meet-ups with a comfortable outdoor sectional.

Elevate Your Commercial Property with Outdoor Design Services in Austin

From corporate campuses and retail centers to restaurants, healthcare facilities, and hotels, businessowners are redefining their outdoor commercial spaces to reflect today’s modern values, needs, and aesthetics. And here in Austin, Waterloo Outdoor Design Build takes pride in serving the business community as a leading provider of landscaping design and installation services.

We take an innovative approach to commercial landscape design in Austin, tailoring our processes and design elements according to your business. Together, we can craft a commercial outdoor space that makes a positive impression on clients and employees alike.

For more information about our Austin commercial landscape design services, including our portfolio of past designs and favorite projects, we invite you to connect with the Waterloo team today.

Modernizing Outdoor Living Spaces

Outdoor Living Spaces & Technology

Thanks to modern technology, outdoor design is getting a serious upgrade – and we’re seeing more clients than ever-transforming their outdoor living spaces into high-tech set-ups. From the ultimate in entertainment to the energy-efficient convenience, technology in outdoor living spaces is shaping up to be one of the hottest trends of our time.

At Waterloo Outdoor Design Build, we take pride in staying ahead of the curve when it comes to design. So, using tech-savvy solutions to elevate the outdoor living experience is right up our design alley. There’s nothing we love more than helping home and business owners reimagine their outdoor spaces in creative, beautiful, and functional ways. And with the latest outdoor technology on our side, we can really craft wow-worthy spaces that can be enjoyed to the fullest potential.

If you’re thinking about making some tech upgrades to your outdoor spaces, we’re here to help you get started with some top tips and favorite ideas.

How to Plan an Outdoor Living Space with Technology

Odds are, you can already think of a few ways to use technology to enhance the time you spend outside. Smart technology offers up a multitude of easy ways to connect to the future, with new products and options debuting all the time.

But before you jump right into the planning process, here’s what we’ve learned after years in the business – these tips just might come in handy.

Incorporate outdoor technology in a way that works for you.

Make the best use of technology in outdoor living spaces by looking past the constantly changing trends and finding the practical upgrades that you’ll actually use. After all, you and your family will be the ones spending the most time in your outdoor space – so don’t let current fads dictate your design.

Think about how you want to utilize your outdoor living area, and then go from there. As you consider your ideal design, ask yourself these questions to get your wheels turning:

    1. What do I wish I could do in my outdoor space?
      • For example: Entertain large groups, enjoy movie night, listen to music, prepare meals
    2. Is there anything in the existing space that doesn’t offer the functionality I want?
      • For example: Outdoor lighting that has to be manually turned on, which is time-consuming and a daily hassle
    3. Aside from function, is there anything missing from my space aesthetically?
      • For example: Not enough lighting, or a visually uninteresting space

Once you have a basic foundation for the outdoor living area you want and need, you can start considering tech solutions to match.

Know your options.

If you haven’t done much browsing in the last few years, you might be surprised to see that there’s a staggering variety of outdoor tech devices and products to choose from. Outdoor entertainment, design, and even safety are all getting a serious boost from the tech industry.

Depending on your ideal outdoor area, you might have certain priorities at the top of your list. Here are a few of the most popular tech products for the outdoors that we’re working with now at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build:

  • Outdoor TVs and projectors: Take a game day – or movie night – outdoors with top-of-the-line TVs for outdoor use. Generally, outdoor televisions and projectors incorporate specific features (like higher brightness, sharper picture quality, and reduced glare) to provide a great viewing experience outside. Plus, many outdoor projectors/TVs are extra-durable, so they can withstand weather, UV rays, and other elements.
  • Outdoor speakers: Forget the hassle of setting up a stereo system outside; now, instant streaming is the way to go! With Bluetooth connectivity you can stream premium-grade sound throughout your exterior living spaces, using outdoor speakers. Landscape speakers can even be designed to look like authentic rocks and stones, blending into virtually any style of space with ease.
  • Smart outdoor lighting: Take your smart house technology outdoors with smart lighting control. Accentuate landscaping features, improve after-dark visibility, and eliminate risky blind spots with lighting that’s completely controlled via your smartphone, tablet, or interior keypad. Customize your lighting settings in seconds, choosing everything from lighting color and brightness to the time they turn on and off.

Keep in mind that not all outdoor technology devices are created equally, so stick to reputable brands known for quality construction and performance. Setting up technology outdoors can be an investment, so make yours wisely.

Partner with professionals for the best results.

It might be tempting to try to save a few bucks by DIYing your outdoor tech, but a word to the wise: more often than not, it’s just not worth it. Even though you can purchase a variety of outdoor tech products at nearly any Austin electronics store, properly installing them – and customizing the set-up for your needs and property – is an entirely different story. Tangled wires, frustrating connection issues, and disappointing results are these DIY attempts often end.

Why not make sure it turns out right the first time? When you hire Waterloo Outdoor Design Build for your Austin landscaping design, you can be confident that you have the industry’s best by your side. We have the extensive expertise you need to cover every last detail.

For example, have you thought about how to set up covered outdoor living spaces and technology to minimize equipment damage? What about how to connect all of your components for easy access? It’s our job to have all the answers, and all you need to worry about is looking forward to your new outdoor living area.

Plus, we’re a full-service design and installation company for landscaping in Austin, so we don’t just do outdoor technology. We also offer a variety of other services for all your outdoor needs, including:

Reinvent Your Outdoor Space with Smart Solutions from Our Austin Designers

From combining technology and small outdoor living spaces to executing total, tech-centered transformations, Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is the first choice for Austin home and business owners. We’ve earned a reputation for being the best in the business when it comes to innovation, creativity, and out-of-the-box designs, which just so happens to mesh perfectly with the unique, forward-thinking style of our Texas city.

When you’re searching for full-service landscape design and installation services, it can be tough to find a single provider that can do it all: design an outdoor space from scratch, help you choose plants and accent features, and bring every detail to life. But when you partner with our team, your dream outdoor living space can become an awesome reality. Not sure if you’re ready to dive into a full-scale design? Try our Designed for You services, which let you leverage our professional design expertise on your terms – and on your timeline.

Turn your basic backyard into an outdoor space that flawlessly fits your lifestyle with tech solutions and other design features from Waterloo Outdoor Design Build. Get more information about our Austin landscape design services when you contact us today!

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Do you have anymore questions? Feel free to contact us any time to get started with a quote!

Outdoor Selling Home Improvements with Patios

Outdoor Upgrades That Make Your Home More Valuable

When you’re considering making upgrades to your home, there are plenty of priorities to keep in mind. The best home improvements serve your wants and needs while also adding value to the resale price of your home.

Regardless of whether you’re hoping to sell your house in the next few months or you’re not planning to move for the next few decades, making a good investment is probably pretty important to you. Even if you’re upgrading your yard solely for your use, it’s always helpful to know which changes can pay off in the long run.

Outdoor Home Improvements that Increase Home Value

We’ve put together a list of the best upgrades to increase resale value so that you can make the right choices for your home. From giving your landscape design some much-needed TLC to creating new outdoor spaces for entertaining, relaxing, and more, consider this your guide to savvy home improvement.

1. Give your landscape a refresh – and use native, water-wise plants.

There’s at least one corner of their yard for many homeowners that could use a little extra love. Whether there are some neglected plants you’d like to replace, or you want to completely makeover your entire landscape design, it can be a high-impact upgrade in more ways than one.

A professional landscape design can make a dramatic difference in the look of your front and back yard, especially if you’re currently working with standard, builder-grade landscaping. Here in Austin, native plants are a smart way to cater to future buyers who value sustainability (and lower water bills!). Xeriscaping isn’t your only option when it comes to sustainable landscaping in Austin; many native plants can bring vibrant color and lush greenery to your yard.

2. Add on an attached or detached deck for a new seating area.

A custom deck doesn’t just add style and personality to your backyard; it also extends your living area and creates a comfortable space to enjoy the outdoors. Ideally, outdoor decks should seamlessly flow with both your home’s exterior and outdoor landscape. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your deck design, including considering options like multiple tiers or covered decks for next-level results.

Using high-quality materials that are designed to last is key, especially for increasing home value. Of course, professional deck installation services in Austin are just as important. If it is an asset to your property, a deck must be properly designed and built for comfort, safety, and style.

3. Install a backyard patio that complements your exterior.

Like a deck, a patio also acts as an extension of your home. Covered and enclosed patios are particularly well-suited to our Texas weather, offering shade from the sun as well as a structure for mounting an outdoor fan. 

With a custom-built enclosed patio, your options are virtually endless: you can set up an efficient grilling station in one section, create space for an outdoor projection screen for summer movie nights, or build an arbor to show off your collection of garden roses. Not only do custom patios in Austin improve your quality of life as a homeowner, but they can entice future buyers as well.

4. Make al fresco meals convenient with an outdoor kitchen.

Especially here in Austin, outdoor kitchens are no longer considered a luxury – for many home buyers; they are a feature they expect to see. Perfect for entertaining and everyday meals alike, an outdoor kitchen makes it easy to use your backyard to its fullest potential. A custom design allows you to create a space that makes sense, both for how you want to use it and what buyers will appreciate.

For example, many home buyers like to see built-in BBQs with nearby counter space for prep and serving. A bar-height counter with stylish bar stools can serve as a spot for chilled drinks during summer soirees or a comfortable spot for the kids to snack while they play outside. Form and function are both vital in a custom outdoor kitchen, so choose a professional designer that can give you the best of both worlds.

5. Set up a garden for organic fruits, vegetables, or flowers.

Gardens of all sizes and types can be an attractive feature for potential buyers, adding monetary value as well as setting your property apart from others. Especially with the rising popularity of raised bed gardening, a growing number of people are looking for homes that already have an established garden setup. 

In order to maximize your investment, high-quality building materials and an aesthetically pleasing design are key. If you’re going to build raised beds or similarly free-standing containers, avoid cutting corners with low-quality options that aren’t likely to last long. Instead, look for a garden design team that can help you design and construct a beautiful garden area complete with lighting, irrigation, and plants that complement each other well.

6. Create an outdoor oasis with the addition of a water feature.

You might not think that a water feature would have a significant impact on the resale value of your home. However, water features enhance an outdoor space in many meaningful ways. From the sound of water to the gentle reflection of natural light, a masterfully crafted water feature brings a sense of tranquility to any yard. 

Water feature styles include fountains, ponds, streams, reflecting pools, waterfalls, and many others. Custom water features can be specifically crafted to conserve water and money, minimizing maintenance, expense, and water use. Buyers will be impressed at the addition of a well-designed water feature and even more happy to hear that it’s a smart, water-wise system at that. 

Learn How to Increase Your Home Value with Outdoor Upgrades

Now that you’re armed with some useful ideas for yard improvements that increase home value, it’s time to take the next steps. Whether you’re planning to sell your home soon or simply want to make smart investments for the future, Waterloo Outdoor Design Build can help you create an outdoor space that suits your goals.

Our team of expert builders and landscape designers in Austin specializes in residential projects, specifically working with homeowners who want to maximize their outdoor living areas’ value, beauty, and functionality. We think outside the box while staying true to quality design and aesthetics, taking a collaborative approach to helping our clients bring their ideas to life. 

Waterloo Outdoor Design Build provides a full range of outdoor design services in Austin, TX, including:

Don’t need our Austin landscape installation services? Our Designed for You service sets you up with a professional design that outlines every detail of your dream yard, leaving the install up to you. It’s an affordable solution that gives you excellent flexibility without sacrificing the final product.

Get Started with a Personalized Outdoor Design Consultation Today

At Waterloo Outdoor Design Build, we’re proud to serve as the guides that help our clients navigate the process of making outdoor upgrades that add both beauty and value. Not only can the right improvements make your outdoor space more useful and enjoyable for you and your family, but they can also make a big difference when it comes time to sell your home.

Partner with our team to design and install your new outdoor living space, and we’ll deliver an outstanding experience from start to finish – and beyond. Contact Waterloo Outdoor Design Build to begin the process today!

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Austin Texas backyard patio and home

Summer Outdoor Living Spaces in Texas

In the Lone Star State of Texas, spending time outdoors is a way of life. Through sun, rain, and even the soaring temperatures of summer, we Texans know how to make the most of outdoor living.

But to really enjoy your yard to the fullest, you’re going to need a space that suits you. Whether your vision of Texas backyard living features a sparkling swimming pool, spacious outdoor kitchen, or a custom pergola with comfortable patio chairs (or all of the above!), Waterloo Outdoor Design Build can turn your dream into a reality. 

We’re a full-service landscape design and build firm specializing in creating customized outdoor spaces for homeowners throughout Austin and the surrounding area. Our experience spans everything from custom outdoor patios and pergolas to native landscaping and eco-friendly water features. The Waterloo team firmly believes that you should love your outdoor living area just as much as your home’s interior – and it should equally reflect your lifestyle, personality, and aesthetic. 

As people are more excited than ever to enjoy every day, we’re diving headfirst into a diverse range of outdoor design projects for new and returning clients alike. We’re excited to be doing what we love, which is why we’re sharing how you can transform a blank slate into the outdoor oasis you’ve always wanted – and Waterloo can help. 

Transforming Your Yard with Custom Outdoor Design in Austin, Texas

What better way to ensure that your outdoor living area is exactly what you want than with a completely customized design? Whether you’re starting from scratch or improving an existing space, Waterloo Design and Build can give you plenty of inspiration for making the space our own. 

Here are some ideas for outdoor spaces in Texas that are made for relaxing, entertaining, playing, and simply just soaking up the quiet mornings, long afternoons, breezy evenings, and starry nights in Texas.

A Spacious Deck with Room to Spare

In Texas, deck design can be more complex than you’d think, especially when it comes to navigating key elements like durability and sustainability. Your deck shouldn’t feel like an afterthought; instead, it should be a central feature of your yard. Waterloo will build you a deck that’s decidedly “you,” avoiding cookie-cutter designs in favor of beautifully constructed and thoughtfully designed masterpieces. 

Flexible options like multi-tiered or covered decks let you set up a space that will serve as the perfect backdrop to your lifestyle. Create “zones” for dining, entertainment, and play, or accentuate the natural shapes of the plants in your yard with a curved deck design.

An Outdoor Kitchen or Barbecue Space

There’s better than a delicious meal enjoyed under the Texas sun, except for a meal that you were able to prepare, cook, and serve without ever stepping inside. Waterloo can craft custom outdoor kitchens and barbecue/grill spaces, creating an easy flow for entertaining and casual meals alike. Not only will you gain an attractive feature in your yard, but you’ll also enjoy the convenience and comfort of a seamlessly designed feature.

Of course, you’ll need somewhere to eat all of the incredible food you’re cooking, which is where your custom outdoor dining area comes in. We can incorporate features like patio furniture, a pergola, and even a water feature to blend style and functionality.

The Perfect Patio shaded by a Pergola

For many existing homes and new builds in Austin, builder-grade patios are holding homeowners back from reaching their true outdoor living potential. Small, boring patios with no shade are more common than you’d think, but Waterloo Outdoor Design and Build is on a mission to change that.

Our custom patio designs take existing architecture into consideration, finding inspiration in both traditional and modern elements while focusing on meshing with your home’s style. We know how to maximize your available space and aren’t afraid to get creative in order to find a solution that suits your needs. 

Especially during the hot days of Texas summer, you’re going to want ample shade to keep you cool – making a pergola a necessity for outdoor living. Forget the generic, pre-made pergola “kits” you see at local big box stores. Instead, add to your home’s visual appeal and value with a custom-built pergola tailored specifically to your outdoor living area.

A Water Feature to create Ambiance

Have you ever noticed the way that the sound of water can turn almost any space into a peaceful retreat? Outdoor water features in Austin need to balance sustainability and beauty, incorporating water-wise elements to conserve precious resources and keep water bills low. 

Waterloo Outdoor Design and Build has a portfolio that features custom water features of all sizes and types, including ponds, fountains, waterfalls, and water gardens. Thanks to our familiarity with the necessary equipment and structural elements, our team has the freedom to get creative without sacrificing quality. For the ultimate focal point, consider a fireplace with a water feature in your backyard – and watch as it becomes a gathering spot for family and friends this summer.

Landscaping that will Surround You with Natural Beauty

Finally, no outdoor living space is complete without the trees, shrubs, and flowers designed by none other than Mother Nature herself. Depending on how you plan to utilize your space – active play with children, a serene space for relaxation, a lush oasis for entertainment – our Austin landscape designers will produce a design to match.

We can also help you get started with a garden, whether you’re hoping to hone your gardening skills with fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs, or flowers. Additionally, our experience in xeriscaping in Texas makes us an excellent source for low-maintenance, native landscaping for hill country homes.

How Waterloo Crafts Exceptional Spaces for Outdoor Living in the Summer

The best outdoor living space is the one that inspires you to spend more time outside of your house than in. When you’re searching for inspiration for Texas custom patios, pools, landscaping, and other features, that means staying true to what suits your personal sense of style. 

At Waterloo Design and Build, we strive for a balance of form and function in every space we create. Not only should your outdoor living area look incredible, but it should truly feel like it was designed expressly for you – because it was! Our collaborative approach allows us to learn about how you want to use the space, who will be spending time outside, and your top priorities. Then, we combine that information with our expertise, design knowledge, and creativity, and the end result is a final product that you love.

Our team is proud to have played a small part in shaping the spaces where our clients will make memories that last a lifetime. From our knowledge of eco-conscious landscaping to our meticulously designed Texas custom patios, reviews from our clients show us that we’re achieving our goal to serve the community of Austin with sky-high standards of excellence.

Complete Your Home with a Custom Outdoor Living Space

The outdoor living area of a lifetime doesn’t have to be something reserved for your daydreams, especially not when you have the Waterloo Design and Build team ready to tackle your project now. Our broad range of services makes it simple to craft a stunning space from start to finish. Plus, our new Designed for You service takes an innovative approach to luxury landscape and outdoor living design on your terms. And with a signature aesthetic that embodies the creative, vibrant, and unique spirit of Austin, we have no doubt that we are the right landscaping designers for you.

Get more information about taking the next steps towards an outdoor living space for this summer and every season after you contact Waterloo Design Build today!

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Designed For You Option

What is the Designed for You Option for My Landscaping Project?

One of the key characteristics that set Waterloo Outdoor Design Build apart is our unique approach to landscape design in Austin. And if you take a closer look at our company name, you might just find a clue that hints at what makes us so different. 

It comes down to two seemingly simple but significant words: design and build. 

We’re called Waterloo Outdoor Design Build because we provide expert guidance and exceptional-quality work at every stage of your landscape project. From the initial design phase to the completion of the final build, our team is committed to excellence. Our collective experience and diverse skill set makes us uniquely equipped to be the only Austin landscaping team you need to make your design dreams a reality.

Once you learn more about our “Designed for You” service option available for our Austin landscape design clients, it makes sense that it’s one of our signature offerings. This service allows us to create landscaping designs tailored for each client and space, then pass along the concept to be implemented on the client’s terms.

Whether you’re preparing to begin a large-scale landscaping project from scratch or are considering making some aesthetic improvements to a specific outdoor space, the “Designed for You” service could be an ideal fit. 

What is the “Designed for You” Option?

As a full-service landscape design firm in Austin, Waterloo Outdoor Design Build goes beyond the basics. We don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach to any landscape project because no two homeowners (or properties) are alike. Instead, our team focuses on tailoring our process according to the project needs and goals.

In essence, this is the heart of the “Designed for You” service: a personal and productive collaboration between designer and homeowner. Just as the service title suggests, we’ll craft a design just for you, one that captures all of your must-have features for your outdoor space. 

But then, you get back in the driver’s seat. With a detailed design and project plan in hand, you get to decide how to move forward. The Waterloo experts are available to help you assess installation professionals to help you find the right contractor, and we’ll also set you up with recommended vendors and suppliers we love. 

Once you’re ready to jump in, you have two choices. Either you decide to partner with Waterloo Outdoor Design Build for the completion of the project, or you leave with your finished design and vendor list to implement the project plan in your own way. 

Affordable, stress-free convenience that doesn’t cut corners.

For clients that have opted for our “Designed for You” option, there are plenty of factors that contribute to their decision. 

The benefits of this unique service include:

    • A cost-conscious approach to custom landscape design
    • Personalized service that suits your specific needs
    • The advantage of vetted contractors and vendors we know and love
    • The ability to recalibrate your project plan according to shifting priorities

The process is simple, but the payoff is impressive. 

What Makes Us the Best Option for Landscape Design in Austin, TX?

Finding the right landscape design professionals in Austin for your project is often easier said than done. If you’ve resorted to conducting online searches for “landscaping designers near me,” you’re not alone. You’d be surprised at just how many of our clients tell us that they were feeling completely lost in their search – that is, until they found Waterloo Outdoor Design Build.

We’re proud to be an Austin landscape design team that doesn’t just talk about our skill, experience, and quality workmanship. Instead, we get right down to showing homeowners exactly why choosing us is the smartest decision they’ll make for their outdoor space. 

Ultimately, we want the exemplary design to be accessible to all. When you work with Waterloo to design your landscape, you’re considered a part of the collaborative team. We’re here to have fun, tap into our creativity, and make every part of the process a positive one. And once the work is done, you don’t have to say goodbye – we love keeping in touch and hearing all about the memories you’re making in your new yard.

So when you want to turn your yard into your personal piece of paradise, whatever you do, don’t waste your time or energy on online searches for “landscaping design near me.” Skip ahead to the part where you connect with the Waterloo team, and we help you get the job done.

Bring Your Landscape to Life with Waterloo

In Austin, custom landscape designs are our specialty, especially when they’re dreamed up by homeowners who want to create their own “happy place” outdoors. With the “Designed for You” service, you’ll have the best of both worlds: an outstanding design and the ability to tackle it how (and when) you want. 

Waterloo Outdoor Design Build can transform your ideas into a real-world design from a flourishing cacti garden to a sleek and stylish entertainment space. Our goal is to make both the process and the final result as enjoyable and creative as possible, giving every client the landscape design they’ve always dreamed of having.

For more information about our “Designed for You” service or to begin your landscape project with our help, reach out to the Waterloo team today!

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How to Add a Small Meeting or Event Area To Your Outdoor Space

Now more than ever before, we are rediscovering all of the ways to utilize our outdoor spaces as places to gather, relax, work, play, meet, and make memories. One of the silver linings of the challenging year we have faced is the discovery that so many of what we considered “indoor activities” – work meetings, movie night, winding down after a long day – are actually wonderfully suited for the outdoors. 

In homes and businesses alike, people are stepping outside and finding that there is nothing that can compare to fresh air, an open sky, and the natural beauty of the plants that surround us. So, it’s not surprising that there has been a new level of interest in outdoor design and how it can be used to create versatile spaces for meetings, events, family get-togethers, and other gatherings.

At Waterloo Outdoor Design Build, we’ve been working with a diverse range of clients who are ready to redefine their outdoor space. Because healthcare professionals have recommended opting for an outdoor setting when meeting in small groups, there is an exciting new demand for spaces that can suit this purpose. And even though this movement towards outdoor events has been primarily spurred by current health and safety recommendations, we don’t expect it to go away anytime soon.

But before you can host a gathering at your home or business, you’ll need to have a well-suited space that is both practical and beautiful. We’ve put together a few of our favorite tips and ideas for outdoor event spaces that will enhance your property exceptionally well.

How to Add a Small Meeting or Event Area to Your Outdoor Space

Whether you’re interested in upgrading your residential or commercial property, the basic principles of outdoor design remain the same. A balance of aesthetics and usability is critical, but there’s no reason you can’t get creative and have a little fun at the same time. 

If you’re thinking about how to set up event space in your outdoor area, the Waterloo Outdoor Design Build Team is breaking down some basic steps to help you get started.

1. First, put together a plan.

It probably sounds overly apparent to start the process with a plan in place, but you’d be surprised at just how often people dive into the design before they’re ready. It can be difficult not to get swept away by the excitement of bringing your vision to life, especially when you’re ready to start enjoying the space right now. 

But before you find yourself picking out plants, furniture, and other design details, it’s important to outline a plan. Of course, you can always make adjustments to the plan as you progress through the design, but having a guide to rely on makes all the difference.

Here are some of the key points you’ll want to cover when creating your plan for designing an outdoor event space:

    • Purpose: How will you be using the space? Are you a business owner that wants to offer staff a welcoming area for outdoor meetings or a homeowner that’s looking forward to hosting get-togethers in your backyard? Whatever it is that has inspired you, use it to frame out a clear purpose for the space in question. With that in mind, you can better devise a design that will serve your core purpose.
    • Space: Consider the amount of space you have available, where it is situated, and what limitations (if any) you’ll need to workaround. There are creative solutions for just about any challenge in outdoor design, from limited build space to challenging terrain.
    • Budget: Being prepared with a set budget can help you keep expenses within reason and also help you make sure that spending stays on track. For example, you might be tempted to purchase a set of luxury outdoor furniture, but realizing that it would require you to remove your dream garden from the budget could change your mind.
    • Style: Defining your style can be one of the more difficult tasks in the planning process, especially if you’re not an experiencing designer. One way to get an idea of your design personality is to save images of outdoor spaces that you love. Finding the common elements can help you learn more about what you like – and what you don’t.

2. Decide what elements you want to incorporate.

When it comes to developing an outdoor area for events, it’s much more complicated than simply buying a few lawn chairs and calling it a day. If you truly want the space to shine, you’ll need to consider what kinds of features will improve functionality while also creating a high-impact look.

For example:

    • Outdoor kitchens and BBQs: If you’re planning to host meals in the space, an outdoor kitchen offers the ultimate in convenience. Work with a professional in outdoor kitchen design for the best possible results.
    • Landscaping: The plants in an outdoor space can completely transform its look and feel, so they should be selected and arranged with care. If being water-wise is vital to you, look for designers that specialize in native Texas plants.
    • Decks, patios, and pergolas: Every gathering space needs an area where guests can sit, relax, and enjoy each other’s company. A large deck, an elegant patio, or an oversized pergola can offer the ideal space for casual conversations, meals, and many other outdoor activities. 
    • Water features: Even the most straightforward water feature can lend a sense of peace to the outdoor area, contributing to the ambiance of an event – even if it’s a casual workday meeting.

3. Partner with a professional in outdoor design.

Now that you have your ideas organized, a plan in place, and some must-haves in mind, it’s time to start working with an experienced outdoor design and build firm that can execute your vision. And if you don’t know precisely what you want or need in your outdoor meeting area, don’t worry – that’s where collaborating with a talented design team comes in handy. 

Another one of the many benefits of working with a skilled professional is the knowledge they will bring to the table. With their help, you can adapt your landscaping ideas to be easier to maintain, better suited to the space, or even more eco-friendly. From layout to construction, a trusted expert will ensure that your dream space becomes a reality.

Customize Your Outdoor Space with Austin’s Leading Landscape Design & Build Firm

From a comfortable deck for a family home to an open-air meeting zone for a commercial office, the best outdoor design ideas center around the people who will actually be spending time in the space – not the landscape designers that are building it. 

At Waterloo Outdoor Design Build, our primary goal is to develop a design based on the client’s personality, needs, and style preferences, balancing it with our expertise and artistic vision. Our team takes pride in creating your “happy place,” an outdoor area that will serve as a beautiful and functional backdrop to everyday moments and pivotal milestones alike. We truly enjoy showing our clients that form and function can absolutely coexist within an outdoor space you love.

For more information about our Austin outdoor design services, including garden design, patios and pergolas, outdoor kitchens, water features, and more, get in touch with the Waterloo Outdoor Design Build team today.

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Fireplace Designs

Fire Features in your Yard or Business Location

Your outdoor space is a huge opportunity to improve the curb appeal and functionality of your home or business location. If you’re considering working with a professional landscape designer, there are a surprising amount of design features available for your location. Find out how outdoor fire features elevate your business or yard with an informal gathering area and unforgettable ambiance.

Fireplace Designs

Just like an interior fireplace, your outdoor fireplace can be custom-made to fit your space. Whether you’re going for a modern, minimalist fire pit or an expansive, rustic fireplace, compare these common fireplace design options:

    • Stand-alone fire pit
    • Built-in brick fireplace
    • Fire table
    • Wood, propane or natural gas fireplace

Once you choose the basic design elements and fuel source, choose a material. Fireplaces can use brick, natural stone, concrete, tile and other elements to balance smooth lines and bold textures. Match your outdoor living area or create a bold, unique fireplace to arrest attention and elevate your outdoor design.

A professional landscape designer can create a personalized fire feature for your location. Discuss your needs and desires and receive a full design for your approval. Once approved, work with a leading fire feature and landscape build team to seamlessly connect your fire feature to your outdoor area.

Bold Backdrop

A fireplace is a commanding visual in any outdoor space. Guests, employees, and customers love cool fire pits. Even if your fire feature isn’t lit, it still evokes a natural warmth and iconic meeting area. Add a fireplace for a focal point for your patio furniture or place one at the edge of your restaurant seating for an excellent backdrop to an unforgettable meal.

A fire feature can be a small, elegant fire pit or a cozy brick fireplace with a towering chimney. Tailor your fire feature to match the aesthetics of your space and draw in customers or guests.

Informal Meeting Area

Office spaces are turning to outdoor work areas for improved productivity and freedom. If you have an outdoor work area for your employees, add a fireplace to create visual interest and a new seating area. It’s a great place to host a casual meeting. You can even gather around a crackling fire at the end of the day for much-needed warmth.

Your yard can also benefit from a personalized fire feature. A roaring fire is a calming centerpiece for an informal gathering with friends, family or business contacts. Choose a fire pit or fire table to allow your guests to communicate in a comfortable, circular seating arrangement.

Extended Outdoor Living Area

Make your yard feel like a second living room. Work with a dedicated team of commercial landscape designers to extend your seating area and improve the aesthetics of your yard. An outdoor living area gathered around a fire offers a number of benefits.

First, the warmth of a natural or gas fireplace increases the seasonal use of your outdoor space. Cool spring morning and fall evenings are perfect for curling up with a book or setting up an outdoor office in your yard.

Instead of gathering around the TV, gather your family around a crackling fire in the evening. Tell stories, discuss the future and enjoy the comfort of your new outdoor arrangement. A fire feature invites you to spend more time outdoors in the cool evenings.

Learn More About Professional Designs and Installation

When you’re ready for premier residential and commercial landscape design and build services, contact us at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build. Our women-owned design and build team works with you to create an unforgettable outdoor living area. Use a consultation as a jumping-off point to reimagine your yard or commercial location.

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