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Marian Mayer


Marian moved to Austin 20 years ago, with the dream and desire to discover this city and all of its weird and wonderful things. Coming from Houston, Marian soon recognized the vast differences in landscapes, topography and use of space, with the more arid, hot climate. 

The smaller city and tight knit community in Austin also held a different, more welcoming vibe than the big city. Through volunteer efforts with non-profits and the art community in town, Marian quickly embraced the beauty of the outdoors in Austin. This lead to a passion to create and build beautiful spaces and to draw people and pets outside, to enjoy this eccentric and fascinating city.

In 2009, Marian utilized her varied skill sets, including business, technology and finance to form a company focused on changing the outdoor space and environment for residents and business owners in the city. Honing in on the importance and beauty of using native plants, locally sourced materials and water wise designs, Marian and her team work to create and define beautiful, smart spaces. 

With a small family of her own, Marian understands the value of enhancing outdoor spaces for children, friends and loved ones. With a focus on solid customer service, efficient follow up and follow through, and ensuring the best possible results, Marian recognizes the importance of continuous refinement and an open eye to innovative change. Marian brings her love of people, places and plants, into each and every unique project. A foodie and home-chef to two small children, Marian works to maintain a team with a culture of respect, dignity and solid work ethic.


Christina Hausle


Christina grew up in the southernmost tip of Texas where she played all day outside in the scorching heat – until her parents would rope her into yard work. Before long, she became familiar with the native plants of McAllen and developed a strong appreciation for the natural beauty and resilience of such plants.

In 2017, Christina graduated from the School of Architecture at the University of Texas at Austin where her passion for creating beautiful and functional spaces grew into a career path. After graduation, she explored her interests in sustainability in landscape design which landed her here with Waterloo Outdoor! With her love of well-designed spaces Christina can help showcase the potential of your outdoor space, then guide you every step of the way to make those plans a reality.

With your priorities in mind, Christina works to enhance your everyday life. She wants your outdoor spaces to offer solace, pride and joy without being a chore to maintain. Her ultimate goal is to get you and your family outside enjoying nature. When not designing your dream garden, Christina enjoys hanging out at local swimming spots, cooking with friends and appreciating art and film.


Holly Delmonico Rojas


Holly is a fourth generation Texan. In her youth, she spent a great deal of time in both of her grandfathers’ gardens. Her mother’s father taught her about yuccas and bromeliads. Her father’s father had a greenhouse and vegetable garden with strawberries, tomatoes, onions and garlic. This time spent gardening with her family left an indelible mark on her. As a young adult she developed a love of growing succulents and vegetables in her own garden.

Holly and Marian met in high school and became fast friends. The opportunity to work together felt like a natural extension of their friendship, and it just so happened to align with Holly’s favorite hobby, gardening. 

What Holly is most proud of at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is that she contributes to the process of creating environments that promote communion with nature, family and friends. Helping families spend more time outdoors is a wonderful outcome that gives her a great sense of purpose.

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