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Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is a full-service landscape design and build firm, specializing in residential projects in the greater Austin area. One of the biggest things that separates us from other Austin landscape designers is that we draw inspiration from you and your home, not just principles of academic landscape architecture. Of course, we want to create something that will be well-received by industry insiders, but the project is about maximizing the value and enjoyment you receive from your outdoor living space. The finished product doesn’t just go into our portfolio– it has the potential to improve your quality of life. That is our goal and that’s why you can always count on our designers, landscape construction professionals, and project managers to put your needs at the top of our priorities list.

We excel in transforming your outdoor space into an extraordinary area with the use of garden design, custom planters, striking water vessels and tailor-crafted walkways, decks, and patios. We oversee these projects from the design phase to the build-out process with the philosophy of maintaining a collaborative approach with our clients. Our designers draw inspiration from modern and traditional influences, which allow for the client’s personality and point of view to be featured in the design and ultimately the final product. For us, our ability to communicate effectively and promptly, along with our ability to deliver a beautiful product is among what we are most proud of.


Why Choose Waterloo Outdoor Design Build in Austin

Our team at Waterloo Outdoor Design Build is responsible for some of the finest residential landscaping projects in Austin. We take pride in what we do and commit ourselves fully to every project. We look forward to adding you to our list of success stories! Call  512-731-1529 or contact us online today!


Once we get started, we typically schedule a site visit on a Monday or Friday within 4 to 6 weeks. Initial design meetings are within 3 to 4 months and revisions are usually turned around within a week or two. We assume design to contract taking 4 to 5 months, and we can break ground within 5 to 6 months of getting started.

We offer site visits prior to going under contract at $250 per visit. This is blocking out drive time and about an hour on-site to discuss details. I will have to say though, that regardless of in person or through pictures, the typical scope of work we typically bring to the table would be a 25-50k project, on the smaller scale, then we see projects fall somewhere between 75-100k for larger residential projects. For the wishlist items I have noted for you, we would have a lot of questions and would need to design and spec out material and labor for a comprehensive, properly installed project. For instance, if we are pricing out just the groundwork for the kitchen, hot tub, and furniture that would be penciled in for the project, this budget might be feasible. If it is expected that the hot tub, grill, accessories, etc, be included, that would be a stretch. There are so many variables, it is nearly impossible and not a good idea to make absolute guarantees. What we can guarantee is that we can cover any and all feasible and practical material and install options so that you can get a detailed, big picture idea of an entire project, then make educated decisions, based on priority and logical order of operations. We provide the roadmap, the resources, such as vendors and suppliers, the contractors, and any and all project management that may or may not be needed. We want to assist where it is necessary, no more and no less. This is our cost-effective and efficient strategy to work in the most flexible way we can.

The design fee is separate and in addition to the project installation costs. To apply this type of discount or application of funds creates a tax complication and a legal discrepancy with a lot of grey area. We steer clear of this type of offering for this reason.

A well-thought-out, to-scale plan that works as a guide to install exactly what you are expecting. Carefully made material selection choices that help to ensure that the investment for your project utilizes the most cost-effective and sustainable features that make sense for your property, goals, and budget. A construction and planting plan that will work to prevent erosion, retain moisture and minimize weeds (minimize maintenance). A material list with local vendors and suppliers links if you would like to see products, materials, or plants in person. An itemized material and estimate quote from a highly competent and capable crew. The assurance that we stand by our name and reputation and will work to provide to you the highest quality design work, collaboration, and project plans we possibly can.

The design process is an investment in time and resources to ensure that when you do break ground, you’ve got the roadmap. I hope this helps to clarify! We would love to work with you on your project and please let us know if we can provide any further information.